Our Inspiration

A person of strong moral values is often at the forefront of initiatives aimed at uplifting society and nurturing individuals. This description perfectly encapsulates the essence of our esteemed mother, Smt. Belarani Nandi. She is not just a mother to her own children but to anyone who has ever come into her sphere.

Throughout her married life, Smt. Nandi has received unwavering support from Sri Sankar Chandra Nandi, a man filled with boundless enthusiasm and a determination to conquer the impossible.

Their shared passion for serving society has led us to establish the Belarani Education Trust in her honor. Her words, acts of affection, values, and ethical principles have inspired us to shape the trust’s mission: to work within the society, alongside the society, and for the betterment of the society. Consequently, the trust is dedicated to providing the community with top-tier educational and training opportunities, including schools, B.Ed., D.El.Ed training institutes, Nursing Institutes, and more.

“My son will be blesseed that day when he will find the society his family”

– Mrs. Belarani Nandi

We are indeed fortunate to have glimpses of the spiritual journey embarked upon by this remarkable couple. Their inspirational legacy will continue to shower its blessings upon us, guiding us for generations to come.



Our aim is to prepare our nursing students to be there at one of the best positions in all areas of health science. We would like to strengthen the nursing skills for the betterment in the nursing profession in general and patients’ care in particular.Belarani Institute of Nursing wishing all a new journey towards healthcare and science.

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